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Unlock Programmatic Advertising With Minimal Budgets

Scale Your Team With Programmatic Marketing


Top brands trust us with their campaigns


How We Work

Meet MadTech's all-in-one solution for Digital Agencies

A one-stop shop that handles everything from RFPs, to pitches, to operations and reporting 

Media Planning


Talent Up-skilling



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Intelligent Media Planning, Pitching  & Campaign Management

Save Time, Labour Cost & Training Investments

Intelligent Reporting Dashboards

All you have to do is literally take your client brief and shoot it to us. We handle everything from creating a strategy deck, to training your team, to co-pitching (if required) and finally effective campaign management.

Why MadTech

Put MadTech to work. Invest you time where it's needed 

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Easy onboarding

We are lean team, built by industry professionals of over 10 years exp.

We are designed to be onboarded into your agency structure within 2 weeks. We are lean and scalable, ready to mould our processes into your processes!

Multi-DSP Trading

We are not married to any particular Demand Side Platform. We work across DSPs such as DV360, Eskimi and Verizon

Efficient Budget Investment

Custom AI powered performance optimisations

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Measurable business outcomes

Forget meaningless metrics that have no real link to business success. We work with our clients to define their ideal outcome and design data-driven strategies to achieve it.

Data-enabled measurement tactics

Custom optimisation solutions

Human + artificial intelligence

We built our own AI-based technology called MadPilot to help our team extract the most value from their investments. Our in-house AI experts use MadPilot to apply customizable algorithmic models that optimize programmatic campaigns and engineer stronger outcomes.

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Let's Start Something

We have flexible working plans for every agency

Whether you are hitting scale or just starting off, we have a working plan for every agency, at every stage of their growth and development.

Let's start something together with a 30 mins introductory demo call.


The Latest From The Industry


What our clients think.

"Very unique thinking and strategy styles! Our clients love us thanks to these guys"

First Page Digital has worked exclusively with MadTech for over 3 years, enjoying over USD 200,000 of campaign management


Miraj Mandal
Former Head Of Performance, First Page Digital

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